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Lip Love- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Maybe you've thought of enhancing your lips. But what about those trends? What if they're SO noticeable. What if you look like a duck? What if you come out looking so unnatural? Let's talk about those trends, how I know they're not going to happen to you, and what natural results you can expect with dermal filler.

First of all, what is dermal filler? It's made up of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is something naturally found in our bodies. It's a water-loving molecule that draws water to itself and adds hydration wherever it's placed.

As we age, we experience fat and collagen loss in our lips. We also get those lip lines none of us love and loose crisp borders. Using HA filler, I restore and replace volume in and around your lips to give them a hydrated, plump appearance. Being satisfied with your results is important to me. Personal taste is different so let's discuss your goal and expectations and we'll come up with a plan to achieve them. HA filler usually lasts patients around 10 months depending on your age and metabolism.

Another lip trend that gets great results is the lip flip. This procedure involves a couple of well-placed injections to the upper (and possibly lower) lip with Botox. This relaxes the muscle and results in more "pink show" of the lip giving you the appearance of a fuller lip. This is a great alternative if filler isn't your thing or if you want to reduce the look of lip lines without adding volume.

Now for the trend that you're probably thinking of...Duck lips. This is probably not the aesthetic goal that was set during a lip consultation but nonetheless, we see them out there. I want to provide you reassurance that if you're looking to enhance your lovely lips, duck lips is off the menu.

Duck lips is the result of either overfilling the lips with filler, migrating filler from improper placement, or not keeping in mind the correct proportions for lips. There are definite strategies to avoid all of these so that you can be left satisfied with your results and not with a trout pout.

Another trend I'm unwilling to participate in involves distorting anatomy in a way that the results could be dangerous. That's why it's imperative that we come up with a plan together where we both will be happy with the results.

More questions or want to book a consult? Send me a message! I'd love to hear from you and answer any questions.

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