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Clearing up Botox Misconceptions

So what’s with the social stigma surrounding Botox? People aren’t secretive about other habits that prevent premature aging. We don’t gasp at people putting on sunscreen or sun hats at the beach. We’re not hiding our hair dye or giving a second thought to touching up gray roots.

Is it the expense of treatment or spending money on ourselves? That can’t be because people are used to paying for items every 3-4 months. Nail salons don’t get hate because people come in monthly for a service that could technically be done at home. (I actually have no idea how often you’re supposed to get your nails done.)

Why the bad rap?

My best guess is that, unfortunately, the profession has a bad reputation from patients like Real Housewives. A whole culture exists where people have the time and money to pick themselves apart and undergo drastic measures to change whatever they dislike about their appearance. Selfish, indulgent, vain, and spoiled. Don’t get me wrong, the entertainment value is there. No one can throw a glass of wine in someone’s face like Tamra. But that’s not the type of people I want to spend time with let alone build my practice around.

Why Aesthetic nursing?

The above impression couldn’t be further from the actual truth of why people come to me and is NOT what I represent. It’s about people trying to do something nice for themselves. Taking measures to take care of themselves and their skin. For the moms that just want to look rested. For the men that don’t want to look angry or permanently concerned. For aging women that don’t want to look sad when that’s not how they feel. To those that are so self conscience of how they look that they don’t want to be in pictures with their grandchildren.

Aesthetic nursing is a very special opportunity to make subtle changes that can give you a refreshed look and make you feel confident. I want to make my patient’s feel good about themselves inside and out.

Those are my thoughts. Let me know what you think! Leave a comment to share your impressions and how we can shift this culture to a more positive one.

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