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That one time I started my business...

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

If you’ve read my newsletter, you know I love nursing. I love working in the operating room and I love the people I work with. This isn’t meant to be taken in a negative way against healthcare. This is meant to tell you about the time I decided that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and make a change for my own sanity and to prioritize my family’s needs.

It wasn’t easy. Still part of me loves to working in the OR, grinding along with my fellow teammates, shouldering the 18 hr shifts and trying to make it a better place for others. Here’s the thing. I did an honest self evaluation.

At the time, I was working some evenings and one day shift at the hospital. As we all have struggled through the past 2 1/2 yrs, I was feeling the effects. I had 2 young boys and there were nights I’d get home at 1 in the morning to be awakened at 6 by the boys. I just wasn’t sure how sustainable it was.

Around that time my board of hospital directors sent me a letter to thank me for all my hard work and sacrifice, the time away from family, being willing to work in hazardous conditions, short staffed, and even after experiencing loss among our own staff. Attached was a $5 cookie certificate. I felt like I had been slapped.

It was then I realized that if wanted the opportunity to be better compensated, I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to come from healthcare. If I wanted to stop sacrificing my time with my family for money, I needed a different plan. That’s when I decided to start my own business. I joined a health and wellness company that not only has phenomenal clean products, but has given me so many opportunities for training and mentorship. I saw amazing results in my own family. I coached a group of people who also had fantastic results and became passionate about helping others feel great.

This led me to think, how else could I serve my community? I trained with Skin elements to learn the safest practices in botox and dermal filler injections. After seeing result after result, I fell in love with the process of helping others feel great about themselves.

And voila, Holistic Aesthetics was born. My aim is to help you feel good about yourself. For some people, that means shedding a couple extra pounds and giving them back their energy. For some, it means taking away their worry lines and clearing up their skin. For others, it's giving them clean makeup that will make them feel confident. Whatever confidence looks like for you, I want that to be my gift to you.

So, let me know how I can serve you better! Have a question on self-care? I'd love to answer it individually or in a newsletter! Interested in a workshop on creating healthy habits or taking care of your skin? I love to create one for you and your friends!

I run my business entirely off referrals so thank you for being my subscriber and supporting my business. Even if you don't buy anything from my online catalogue or book a service, sharing my newsletter or my instagram profile supports me in the efforts I'm making. It means the world to me!

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